Hermitage de Santa Cecilia, Santibáñez del Val

Mozarab hermitage in Santibáñez del Val, province of Burgos / ALC.

2 km on the way to the hermitage in the direction of Barriosuso.. Santibáñez del Val


947 390 025 - Santibáñez del Val Town hall

10th-century shrine with a 12th-century romanesque side portico. The apse is square and has a cruciform window and five rings, and, inside, the horseshoe triumphal arch has a hemispherical dome. The foundations are 10th-century and the five-arched atrium 12th-century.

Source: Official Portal of Tourism Junta de Castilla y León

Visit: Free visit. Check schedules in Santibáñez del Val Town hall.

Rev.: JGG 29.10.18