Historical-Artistic Centre of Berlanga de Duero

Berlanga de Duero, Soria / ALC.

Plaza Mayor, 1. Berlanga de Duero


975 343 433 - Tourist Office

Berlanga de Duero is an inescapable stop of the Route of the Exile. Travellers might well start their visit at the Aguilera Gate, one of the entrances to the town, which used to be walled. Outside the old walls are the Hermitage of Our Lady of Solitude and the pillory: it’s a good example of a Gothic jurisdictional column in an excellent state of conservation.

We soon reach the porticoed Main Square, and from there we can continue our stroll around the streets of this town, designated a historical-artistic centre in 1981. Any road we take will lead us to the two most emblematic buildings: the castle and the ex-collegiate of Our Lady of the Market.

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