Historical-Artistic Centre of Burriana.

Archipriestal Church of San Salvador, in the city of Burriana, province of Castellón / ALC.

Plaza Mayor, 1. Burriana


964 570 753 - Tourist Office

Burriana possesses the earliest Romanesque-Gothic church in the old Kingdom of Valencia, the archpriest church of St Saviour. Also dating from the Middle Ages are remnants of the town walls connected to modern buildings and the Carabona Tower. This should not be confused with the coastal watchtowers that are so common in the area and were built in the 16th century to warn about the presence of pirates, as in the case of the Burriana Watchtower or the Sea Tower.

Burriana also has the first museum in Europe devoted to oranges. Additionally, the municipality encompasses a natural park of great value: Clot de la Mare de Déu, also known as Estany de la Vila. 

Further information in the fact-file on Burriana.


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