Historical-Artistic Centre of Covarrubias

Covarrubias, province of Burgos / ALC.

Pl. de Dª Urraca, 1. Covarrubias


947 406 461 - Tourist Office

Covarrubias is a medieval town of great tourism and cultural interest that was listed as a historical-artistic centre in 1965. Its historical buildings and its medieval centre are all very evocative for travellers; the medieval reminiscences of Covarrubias can even be seen in its urban layout.

Most of the buildings in the old town are still in the traditional style, based on adobe and timber. Although the town has many attractions, the ex-Collegiate is well worth seeing, especially for lovers of Gothic architecture. Without any doubt, travellers interested in the origins of Castile must not miss it because it contains the remains of Fernán González and some of his descendants.

Further information in the fact-file on Covarrubias.

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