Historical-Artistic Centre of Culla.

Culla, Castellón / ALC.

Calle Recaredo García, 20. Culla


678 135 160 - Tourist Office

Culla still preserves its medieval atmosphere in its old town, partly surrounded by impressive walls and designated a historical-artistic centre in 2004.

The different alleys and small squares seem to guide visitors to the church of the Saviour (18th century). The old Granary of the Knight Commander (13th-14th centuries), also called La Presó, is equally well known: it was used as a prison during the Carlist Wars in the 19th century. The castle was destroyed during the wars but has now been partly rebuilt.  Travellers interested in the medieval world will find, about 2km away, the Tower of Sant Cristófol (12th-13th centuries). Next to the hermitage of the same name, it was used as a watchtower but is now in a state of ruin.

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