Historical-Artistic Centre of Daroca.

Baja Door and Mayor Street.  Daroca, Zaragoza / Julio E. Fóster

Plaza de España, 6. Daroca


976 800 129 Tourist Office

The first sight of Daroca is one of the most striking impressions on the Way of El Cid. Designated a historical site since 1968, it is a town with an unmistakably Islamic layout, which after the Christian conquest, became a place with great strategic interest. Daroca came to be defended by three castles connected by a system of walls nearly four kilometres long. It still preserves a large number of towers and remains of walls.

Daroca is a town with several monuments in the form of churches, palaces and convents. The most emblematic church is the Basilica of Santa María de los Corporales. The architectonic, pictorial and sculptural wealth inside the basilica means that its visit is highly recommended for art lovers. 

Further information in the fact-file on Daroca.


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