Historical-Artistic Centre of Hita

Hita, province of Guadalajara / Alfonso López Pérez.

Calle Pósito, 5. Hita


949 852 763 / 646 231 824 - Tourist Office

Designated a historical centre in 1964, the medieval town of Hita, which is famous for its Medieval Festival, also enjoys deep literary roots. This town, which is mentioned in the Cantar and in the poem of the Seven Infants of Lara, had an archpriest in the 14th century called Juan Ruiz, the author of the ‘Book of Good Love’. A century later, the Marquis of Santillana was the lord of the town.

At the foot of a perfectly conical hill, the town had walls, of which some strong sections still remain. The Gate of Santa María leads to the Archpriest Square, with traditional buildings and partially porticoed.

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