Historical-Artistic Centre of Linares de Mora

Linares de Mora, Teruel / ALC.

Calle Plaza, 1. Linares de Mora


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The town of Linares de Mora is in the Alto Valley, on the left bank of the River Linares in the middle of the Gúdar Mountains. Perched on a hill, it undoubtedly offers one of the loveliest panoramas in the Way of El Cid, especially from the Calvary, on the access to St Anne’s Chapel.

The town centre is designated a historical-artistic site and a Property of Cultural Interest. Dating from the Middle Ages are the ruins of castle walls and turrets, the bridge that was built in the caliphate, and part of the walled town, with its Upper and Lower Gates, which were strengthened in the Carlist Wars. There are also several 16th and 17th century mansions, an old hospital, fountains, passages and alleys that make Linares a must for travellers interested in El Cid. 

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