Historical-Artistic Centre of Medinaceli

Roman Arch. Medinaceli, Soria / ALC

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 1. Medinaceli


975 326 347- Tourist Office

Medinaceli, designated a historical centre in 1963, is a harmonious, small and quiet, and very well cared-for town of stone. On entering Medinaceli, travellers will first encounter a Roman arch that is unique in Spain for its triple arches. The town was in the vanguard of the Middle March, the optimal site for starting or ending raids on enemy territories. Some ruins still remain from those times, like the castle and small fragments of the walls, whose most significant section is the Market Gate.

The splendour of Medinaceli would arrive in the 16th century, with the construction of large buildings, such as the Collegiate of Our Lady of Medinaceli, the Franciscan convent of Santa Clara, mansions and the Ducal Palace in the magnificent main square, where the old corn exchange is also situated. 

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