Historical-Artistic Centre of Molina de Aragón

Molina de Aragón, Guadalajara / ALC.

Plaza de España, 1. Molina de Aragón


949 832 098 - Oficina de Turismo

A historical-artistic centre since 1964, Molina de Aragón is one of the key towns in the Way of El Cid. The gateway between Castile and Aragón, it is also the point of entry to the Natural Park of the High Tagus.

It is a first-class historical-artistic town with outstanding fortifications. A walk around the centre leads to the evocative narrow streets of the Jewish and Moorish quarters, the walled doors, hidden squares, mansions like the one of the Viceroy of Molina, numerous houses with their coats of arms and a thousand secret corners.

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