Historical-Artistic Centre of Morella.

Morella, province of Castellón. In 1083 El Cid attacked Morella Castle, although he was forced to retreat / Diputación de Castellón.

Calle Segura Barreda, 28. Morella


964 173 032 - Tourist Office

Overlooked by its medieval castle and surrounded by two kilometres of walls, Morella possesses numerous medieval references that make it an inescapable stop on the Way of El Cid. The simple panorama of the town is spectacular from any of its entrances. Its towers, gates and walls embracing the town, and its impressive aqueduct, are two very representative images and an advance on the surprises to be found inside the town, which is designated a Historical-Artistic centre and one of the loveliest towns in Spain. 

Further information in the fact-file on Morella.

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