Historical-Artistic Centre of Mosqueruela


Plaza Mayor, s/n. Mosqueruela


627 709 360 Tourist Office

Mosqueruela, a historical-artistic site since 1982, still preserves a significant part of its old walls and some singular historical buildings, all in a harmonious and protected environment, so characteristic of the Maestrazgo. A wander around the town easily evokes part of its medieval past, particularly in its porticoed main square.

Together with the Gothic-Baroque church of the Assumption, its doorways, mansions, noble coats of arms, and other details are the signs of the town’s identity. The scenery around Mosqueruela is impressive and it is possible to explore the ravine and rock-shelters of Gibert which, located in the municipality, were included in the Mediterranean Rock Art sites and listed as World Heritage. 

Further information in the fact-file on Mosqueruela.


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