Historical-Artistic Centre of Orihuela

Orihuela, Alicante / Asís G. Ayerbe.

Plaza Marqués de Arneva, 1. Orihuela


965 304 645 / 965 302 747 - Tourist Office

The splendour of its orchards and its geographic location made Orihuela a coveted town in the Middle Ages. From the Islamic age (and from the times of El Cid) is the castle on a hill, around which the town has grown. Protected by the city walls, in the 16th and 17th centuries it was the residence of many nobles who left their traces in the numerous civil and religious buildings that make Orihuela a town of monuments, for which it became a historical-artistic centre in 1969.

The Cathedral of the Saviour and St Mary, the Church of the Saints Justa and Rufina, and the parish church of Santiago el Mayor preserve interesting examples of their Gothic past. Orihuela also enjoys a long university tradition. The College of Santo Domingo was home to the university from 1610 to 1824. There are currently three universities in the municipality. 

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