Historical-Artistic Centre of Orihuela del Tremedal.

Orihuela del Tremedal, Teruel / ALC

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 4. Orihuela del Tremedal


978 714 248 Tourist Office

Orihuela del Tremedal was listed as a historical site in 1972. The first recommendation for travellers is a quiet walk around the town, through its harmonious and singular streets, which will take them to the monumental Church of San Millán de la Cogolla, one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in Teruel. The second great attraction of Orihuela del Tremedal is its scenery and the network of footpaths that can be followed from the town. One of those paths leads to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Tremedal, with its Romanesque carving of the Virgin of Tremedal, possibly dating from the 13th century. 

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