Historical-Artistic Centre of Rubielos de Mora

Gate of San Antonio in Rubielos de Mora, province of Teruel / ALC.

Pl. Hispano América, 1. Rubielos de Mora


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Rubielos de Mora, a town listed as a historical centre in 2007, is a compulsory stop on the Way of El Cid because it is the gateway to the circular routes of the Maestrazgo and Morella, but above all because of its singular architecture. The town surprises travellers because of the careful conservation of its streets and buildings, especially St Mary’s Church and the Convent of the Madres Agustinas. Among the civil architecture, it is necessary to mention the 1571 Town Hall, with a large covered yard that was the market and still conserves the municipal dungeon, where the prisoners were exposed to public ridicule.

Rubielos de Mora was walled with seven access gates, of which two attractive fourteenth-century doorways still remain.

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