Historical-Artistic Centre of Sagunto

Castle of Sagunto, in the province of Valencia / València Terra i Mar.

Calle Autonomía, 2. Sagunto / Sagunt


962 655 859 - Tourist Office

Numerous remains of its medieval past can still be seen in the oldest part of Sagunto. Some narrow streets in the Muslim and Jewish quarters still survive. The latter is famous for being not only the oldest in Spain but also because until their expulsion, it was the home of the largest and most important Jewish community in the Kingdom of Valencia. It is well worth strolling through its narrow streets with their white-washed walls. Gothic architecture is also important, and most clearly seen in St Mary’s Church.

Sagunto Castle, a veritable icon of the town, is reached up a steep hill. Its origins apparently go back to the 5th century BC, but its current appearance is mostly medieval. As well as forming an extensive walled complex of towers and courtyards of great interest, the views from it are extraordinary. 

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