Historical-Artistic Centre of Santo Domingo de Silos

 A view of the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos, in the province of Burgos / ALC.

Plaza Mayor, 1. Santo Domingo de Silos


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Silos is a small Castilian town, listed as a historical-artistic centre, that rotates around its monastery. You can visit some of its most outstanding parts, such as the Romanesque cloisters and museum of religious art. In the cloisters, to be precise on one of the capitals, you can view a medieval retinue that depicts quite exactly the kind of military garments worn in the times of El Cid. The monks’ religious services offer the possibility of listening to Gregorian chants, medieval hymns that, quite unintentionally led to the monks acquiring international fame in the 1980s.

Further information in the fact-file on Santo Domingo de Silos.


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