Historical-Artistic Centre of Segorbe

View of Segorbe city from the castle of La Estrella, in the province of Alicante / ALC.

Plaza Agua Limpia, 2. Segorbe


964 713 254 - Tourist Office

Segorbe is a town of monuments that was designated a historical centre in 2002. The origin of the modern town goes back to the Islamic period when it was based around the castle on Sopeña Hill. The walls that protected the town started precisely at the castle. The most emblematic monument is the cathedral, the only one in the Province of Castellón.

Segorbe is similarly famous for the abundance of its waters, and a network of springs and risings supplies the town. The Fountain of Fifty Taps, each one exhibiting the name and coat of arms of a Spanish province, and the aqueduct (14th century) are the clearest examples in a town where water is especially important.

Further information in the fact-file on Segorbe.


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