Historical-Artistic Centre of Villena

Castle of La Atalaya, in Villena, province of Alicante / Tourist Info Alicante.

Plaza Santiago, 2. Villena


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To talk of Villena is to speak of the ‘tale of two cities’, the Rabal district and the City. The former lies at the foot of the castle. In the 14th century, this district was outside the town walls and was inhabited by the Morisco population: it still preserves the maze-like streets from that time. The City was inside the wall and was the Christian part. The two towns converged in the Main Square, the heart of Villena.

One of the elements that attracts the attention of travellers is the castle (it still preserves some Almohad constructive elements) and another is undoubtedly the vineyards in the town. Villena is one of the nerve centres of the Alicante Certificate of Origin. The predominant variety is the Monastrell grape, the origin of a historical and unique wine: Fondillón.

The peculiarities of the old town led to it being designated a historical-artistic centre in 1968. 

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