Historical-Artistic Centre of Xàtiva

Xàtiva, Valencia / PAB.

Alameda Jaume I, 35. Xàtiva


962 273 346 - Tourist Office

Xàtiva astonishes travellers in many ways. The first surprise is clearly the castle, one of the most emblematic on the whole Way of El Cid. The church of St Feliu, located at the foot of the castle and completed in 1269, is the oldest church in the locality.

Xàtiva, the home town of two Borgia popes, possesses admirable Gothic heritage, including both religious buildings (Hermitage of St Anne, the Royal Monastery of Santa Clara, and the churches of St Francis, St Peter and St Dominic) and civil constructions (the old municipal hospital and the aqueduct between Bellús and Xàtiva, on the way out of the town).

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