Irregular surface for cycling tourists between Monreal de Ariza and Alhama de Aragón


Between Monreal de Ariza and Alhama de Aragón. Monreal de Ariza

This section of the route between the towns of Monreal de Ariza, Ariza, Cetina and Alhama de Aragón (about 20km) includes some earth tracks that in general have a firm surface that is well-conserved, but they might be uncomfortable for cycling tourists with narrow wheels. As an alternative, cyclists who wish to avoid riding on earth tracks can take the CV-937 road to the service station next to the motorway and then ride carefully along the hard shoulder of the A-2 motorway for 17km to Exit 204 towards Contamina and Alhama de Aragón.

Remember this when you’re on the cycling tourism Borderlands Route.

Rev.: JGG 20.10.22