La Tejera Geological Observatory, Checa

Checa, Guadalajara

CM-2111 road. Checa


949 836 101 - City Council

The landscapes in the High Tagus vary surprisingly as we move across the territory. In less than a kilometre, the leafy humid forests of conifers and deciduous trees, typical of northern latitudes in Europe, change without hardly any transition to barren spaces with outcrops of bare rock, where very few species succeed in challenging the austerity of the soil.

La Tejera Interpretation Area at Checa is perhaps one of the places in the Natural Park where this variety and contrast in the landscape can best be appreciated, thanks to the boards that explain the key factors in their origin. Glancing around the surroundings, we can find a good representation of the most characteristic landscapes in the Park: to the south (opposite us) the typical towers of reddish sandstone and conglomerate, to the west (towards Checa) the grey limestone and dolomite that form the mountain range, to the north, the black slate next to the pine forest, and to the east (towards Orea) outcrops of quartzite excavated by the River Cabrillas. A few metres away, following the signs, two geological curiosities strike the attention of any nature-lover: the Checa Dropstone (a boulder transported across the sea on a block of ice like an iceberg) and a deposit of graptolites on the black slate.

  • Access by car: the look-out point/interpretation area is reached from the CM-2111 road from Checa to Orea, where there is a carpark.
  • Access for people with limited mobility: there are no infrastructures adapted for people with limited mobility.
  • Legal protection: it is inside the Natural Park of the High Tagus, the Site of Community Importance ES24240016, the Special Protection Area ES0000092 and the Molina-High Tagus Geopark.
  • Seasonality: it can be visited at any time of the year.
  • Recommendations, what to see and do: it is interesting to visit the ‘Museum of traditional livestock farming in the High Tagus’ in Checa.

Rev.: PAB 10.05.23