Landscape of vines in Castillejo de Robledo

Castillejo de Robledo, Soria

Castillejo road, just before it goes down to the town. Castillejo de Robledo


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Strategically inserted on a terraced platform, with a gentle slope and fertile soil, the agricultural landscape astonishes travellers on the Way of El Cid by the way it appears to challenge the geology of hard limestone terrain in order to domesticate the wild natural surroundings masterfully. Unexpectedly, the grapevines emerge as a gap in the landscape between the large forests of junipers and holm oaks on the hillsides that rise from the banks of the Douro to the infinite limestone moors on the high land. Barely 500m from the vineyards, following a rough track (only accessible in a 4x4 vehicle) signposted by the Way of El Cid, an attractive cave conceals the hermitage of the Virgin of the Mountain, which marks the boundary between the provinces of Burgos and Soria. According to tradition, the episode in the life of El Cid known as the Outrage of Corpes took place near this hermitage and the spring.

  • Access by car: there is no road with tarmac. However, visitors can follow a firm earth track that is suitable for all kinds of vehicles for 3km that starts from the Castillejo road (just before it goes down to the town) and crosses the limestone moor and then descends to the vineyards. The track may be muddy in wet weather.
  • Access for people with limited mobility: there are no infrastructures adapted for people with limited mobility.
  • Legal protection: it does not form part of any protected natural areas. The vineyards of Castillejo de Robledo belong to the Ribero del Duero Certificate of Origin.
  • Seasonality: the scenery in the vineyards changes colour during the year and becomes most beautiful in autumn when the leaves turn yellow and red before falling. Recommendations, what to see and do: do not miss seeing the hermitage-cave of the Virgin of the Mountain.

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