Limestone escarpments at Huesa del Común

Limestones formations in Huesa del Común, province of Teruel / ALC.

Accessible from the A-2514 road. Huesa del Común


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Our solitary journey has taken us to Huesa del Común, in the foothills of the Muela de Anadón in the upper valley of the River Aguasvivas, one of the most unknown and abandoned mountainous areas of Teruel.

The ascent to the castle along a winding path from the town rewards us with excellent views over the surroundings, demonstrating the powerful role played by geology in this territory, shaping rugged and hard landscapes in which limestone emerges in a thousand forms and constrains vegetation growth. For the suffering of the hard-working farmers, the area around Huesa is like an open handbook of geology, with large poljes, folded structures, thrust faults, ravines, plateaux and several minerals that have been mined since the past.

Around the village, the River Aguasvivas has carved narrow ravines in the limestone and created vertical walls that attract large numbers of climbers to enjoy the nearly 50 climbing routes that have been opened up.

  • Access by car: the park next to the medieval bridge is accessible from the A-2514, although we should park a few metres further on, in the village.
  • Access for people with limited mobility: the medieval bridge is prepared for wheelchair access and the enjoyment of the scenery.
  • Legal protection: it does not form part of any Protected Natural Space.
  • Seasonality: it can be visited at any time of the year.
  • Recommendations, what to see and do: it is well worth going up to the castle along the narrow path that starts at the top of the village next to the water tank

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