Look-out Point of La Tarayuela, Cantavieja

Mirador de la Tarayuela de Cantavieja (Teruel) / Oficina de Turismo de Cantavieja

TE-17 local road (from Cantavieja to Mosqueruela). Cantavieja


964 185 414 / 678 340 228 - Tourist Office

La Tarayuela Look-out point is on the side of Tarayuela Peak, which rises discreetly to a height of 1,738 metres behind it, shaping one of the most characteristic landscapes in the Maestrazgo. Travellers on the Way of El Cid who visit it will discover irregular mountain scenery, with large differences in height that are often imperceptible because of the form of the relief, which is dominated by large platforms and hills , which allow visitors to enjoy the vast horizons, like the one they are in. In the distance, Cantavieja is located defiantly on the top of a limestone hill between escarpments and valleys, at the foot of Mochén Hill, whose horizontal shape contrasts with the abrupt and unexpected topography of the area.

The viewer will be struck by the numerous disperse buildings dotted around the landscape; they are farmsteads, small farming units that historically in Cantavieja were divided into four parts, each one with its traditions, hermitage and patron saint.

  • Access by car: to reach the look-out point from Cantavieja, travellers have to turn off the Maestrazgo Circular Route in the Way of El Cid. La Tarayuela look-out point is signposted, and is located on the side of the TE-17 local road (from Cantavieja to Mosqueruela) near Kilometre 20.5, and about 5.5km from Cantavieja. It is easy to park next to it.
  • Access for people with limited mobility: there are no infrastructures adapted for people with limited mobility, but it is accessible in a wheelchair.
  • Legal protection: it is in the Maestrazgo Cultural Park and the scenery of dry-stone walls in the municipality is designated Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO. 
  • Seasonality: it can be visited at any time of the year, but the vegetation is seen in all its splendour in spring.
  • Recommendations, what to see and do: it is well worth visiting the town of Cantavieja, one of the most important historical-artistic centres in the Maestrazgo.

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