Montanejos Gorge

Montajejos Gorge

CV-20 road. Montanejos


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Between Arenoso Reservoir and Montanejos, the River Mijares has cut a deep gorge in the Jurassic limestone, 3 kilometres long and with vertical walls over 100 metres high. Their international fame attracts large numbers of rock-climbers. This beautiful area is now equipped with nearly 1,300 climbing routes in over 23 sectors, making it one of the most important climbing schools in Spain. Downstream, the small dam at Cirat increases the flow in a section of the river, enabling white water sports in that section.

Then a little over a kilometre towards Montanejos, the ‘Bathing Spring’ is a spring with a flow of about 6,000 litres per minute with the water at a constant temperature of 25 degrees, where the river has left beaches of sediment and numerous areas for bathing in crystalline water within spectacular scenery.

The area is also known as the Gorge of the Calling Birds, because of the echo of the birds that live in the cliffs (crag martins, griffon vultures …) and on the river bank (long-tailed and great tits, wagtails, blackcaps, swifts, swallows …).

  • Access by car: the CV-20 road runs parallel to the course of the River Mijares and provides spectacular views in its narrowest parts. Owing to the narrowness of the road and lack of visibility, it is dangerous to stop; we therefore recommend parking in the area at the Kilometre 53.1.
  • Access for people with limited mobility: there are no infrastructures adapted for people with limited mobility.
  • Legal protection: the gorge forms part of the Site of Community Importance ES5222004 (Upper course of the River Mijares), the Special Protection Area ES0000468 (Serra d’Espadà) and the Site of Geological Interest IB012 (River Mijares Canyon). 
  • Seasonality: it can be visited at any time of the year.
  • Recommendations, what to see and do: it is well worth visiting the popular but spectacular bathing area located a little before reaching Montanejos. It is also very interesting to see the overflow channel at the dam of Arenoso Reservoir (known as El Chorro), which can be reached on foot along a track closed to traffic.

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