Monument to El Cid, in El Poyo del Cid

Statue of El Cid in El Poyo del Cid, Teruel / ALC.

It is situated at the entrance of the town. El Poyo del Cid


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This is a very simple monument in honour of El Cantar de Mío Cid, whose poet places one of El Cid’s most important camps during exile in this town. The monument is located at the town’s entrance, in the middle of a small garden. The statue of El Cid, who is standing, rests on a stone base. El Cid adopts an attitude of observation: he is standing with his right hand behind his back and his left hand is on his belt.

An inscription taken from El Cantar is cut on the base. It needs to be noted that the inscription contains the first written reference to the town of El Poyo del Cid. Its modern version reads as follows (verse 900 and onwards): "Now let me tell you more of the one who was born, and who girt on sword, in a lucky hour. On that hilltop he set up his camp. Whether in hands of Moors or Christians, the town will always be officially known, from here on in, as the Hill of the Cid".

The monument, which is two metres and a half high, was created by the sculptor Luis Moreno Cutando. The monument was uncovered in the year 1999, coinciding with the ninth hundred century of the death of El Cid.

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  • Statue of el Cid, in the village of El Poyo del Cid, province of Teruel. According with the Song of el Cid, the warrior reinforced a Roman fortress, turning it into his headquarter for Teruel and Zaragoza / ALC.
  • Statue of El Cid in El Poyo del Cid, Teruel / ALC.
  • Statue of el Cid in El Poyo del Cid, province of Teruel.