Moors and Christians Festivity. Banyeres de Mariola

Moors and Christians. Banyeres de Mariola, Alicante. Festivity of National Tourist Interest

In the city center. Banyeres de Mariola


965 567 453 - Tourist Office Banyeres de Mariola

The Moor and Christian fiestas in honour of San Jorge Mártir are staged in Banyeres de Mariola from 22-25 April each year. Another celebration takes place the first weekend of September with the fiestas of Moors and Christians in honour of the Relic of San Jorge. Those of April have been held since time immemorial, and those of the Relic since 1780 when the relic of the Patron Saint was received from Rome. The only town that celebrates the Moors and Christian fiestas in honour of the same Patron Saint on two separate occasions. 

When?: April and September.

Source: Spain info

Rev. PAB: 08.11.18