Mudéjar tower of El Salvador, Teruel

Mudejar Tower of San Salvador in the town of Teruel, declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO / ALC.

Calle El Salvador, 5. Teruel


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This impressive late-Mudéjar architecture tower was built towards the end of the 14th century. It is best described as an eclectic set of artistic styles, combining several historic-architectural styles used in similar monuments. It was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1986.

Its structure and basic features are evidence of the characteristics specific to the Mudéjar architecture of Aragón: the tower design follows the Almohade minaret tradition. As a matter of fact, it actually consists of two concentric towers that are separated from each other by a flight of stairs. At the base, the tower incorporates an arched passageway that cuts through the staircases. The arched passageway, which used to connect the hallways of Guadalaviar and Zaragoza, including Torico square, is made of pointed arches with barrel vaults rather than barrel vaults—the most common typology in older Mudéjar towers.

The walls of the tower are outstanding: the influence of Islamic architecture is very present. As a matter of fact, the tower is decorated with filigree brickwork and it has white and green tiles, pointed arches, semicircular arches and twin-light ajimez windows. Binoculars are recommended to look the tower from the outside; otherwise you will probably not be able to take all the details of the Mudéjar architecture style in.

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