No signposting in the centre of Burgos


From the city center to the Crucero neighborhood. Burgos

The Way of El Cid is not signposted in the city of Burgos and therefore it can be hard to find the way out.

You should go to the Arch or Gate of Santa María, near the cathedral. The route follows the old track of the Cañada Real, a track that was used for transhumant livestock in the Middle Ages. Go under the arch and through the Gate of Santa María (as El Cid does in The Cantar) and go across the River Arlanzón. On the other side of the bridge, take the path slightly to the left and cross Valladolid Street by the zebra crossing opposite the Glera.

Without going into Vega Square, turn left along Calera Street (if you’re cycling, you’ll have to dismount because it’s the wrong way up a one-way street). Continue to Santa Clara Street. Leave the back of the Museum of Evolution behind on the left and follow along Santa Clara Street as far as the Boulevard. Cross it and continue along Carcedo Street. There you have to cross the bridge over the motorway. Then you take the pedestrianised Pisuerga Street in the Crucero district. At the end of Pisuerga Street, at the start of an earth track, an information panel and Way of El Cid signposts clearly indicate to route to Cortes.

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