Palacio Matutano-Daudén Hotel. La Iglesuela del Cid, Teruel


Calle Ondevilla, 4 (44142). La Iglesuela del Cid


964 880 405

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The Hotel Palacio Matutano-Dauden is located in the center of La Iglesuela del Cid in Teruel. We have 36 rooms with bathroom, a total of 7 beds. We do not have a pool and we do not allow pets. We also do not have a nightly laundry service. We have a room adapted for the disabled.

Specific services for travellers: We offer dinners and breakfasts adapted to hikers' and cyclists' schedules and we prepare sandwiches or lunches for travellers.

Specific services for cyclists: We accept bicycles and we have a secure and closed place to store them.

Rev.: 01.06.22