Palm Sunday Procession in Elche, Alicante

Palm Sunday Procession in Elche, Alicante. Festivity of International Tourist Interest

In the city center. Elx / Elche


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This celebration commemorates Jesus’ triumphant arrival in Jerusalem and always sees large crowds of people in attendance. 

The Palm Sunday Procession is held on the Sunday before Easter week. This fiesta has special importance in Elche. Its origins date back to the end of the 14th century. Hundreds of people take part, carrying figures hand-crafted in the town from palm branches, a beautiful spectacle.

Elche is the only place in the world where the tradition of crafting white palm fronds lives on. This town has been exporting palm frond creations to other countries for centuries. Palm branches are used, which, after being treated, are plaited into beautiful, creative forms and figures. Not to be missed at this fiesta is the palm-figures competition organised by the Religious Brotherhoods of Easter Association. The works presented for the competition are exhibited over the course of the weekend in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall. It is free of charge and you can admire, from up close, these beautiful, complex images created by hand.

When?: March or April.

Source: Spain info

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