Parish church of Lara de Los Infantes

Church of La Asunción. View from the castle.  Lara de los Infantes, Burgos / ALC

Iglesia street, 7. Lara de los Infantes


947 384 404 Lara de Los Infantes Town Council

Interesting Romanesque temple of great size built in the 12th century with underwent interventions and extensions until the 18th. Unique ship, semicircular apse, atrium formerly porticated and later extended tower. In fact, one of the stimuli of the church is the possibility of easily tracing the different phases of the construction, from the Romanesque contributions to the most modern ones, passing through the gothic era recreations in the north and south walls. The apse stands out with two different levels -like almost the whole temple- and five panels separated by attached columns (on the top, the vegetal sculptural motifs stand out), a semi-circular sate with exterior archivolt and interior decoration of flowers. In the atrium wall there are several examples of simple and geminated windows with batted arches, resting on baskets with plant and animal motifs.

Visit: Consult worship time in the town council of Lara de Los Infantes.

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