Pou Clar in Ontinyent

The Pou Clar (clear water well) in Ontinyent, Valencia / ALC

CV-81, road from Ontinyent to Bocairent.. Ontinyent


962 916 090 - Tourist Office

Pou Clar is the most important place on the river in the town, in an outstanding natural and scenic setting. The River Clariano rises there, and it can be seen emerging in several places under the water, forming a series of pools that have been given different names.  “Pou dels Esclaus”, “Pou Clar”, “Pou Gelat”, “Pou de la Reixa”, “Pou Fosc” and “Pou dels Cavalls” are the names of the six pools that are suitable for bathing.

Access: you can reach Pou Clar on foot or by bike, along the Llombo path (not signposted). By car, access is by the CV-81 road from Ontinyent to Bocairent.

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