Racef Tower, Almussafes

Islamic tower of Racef, in Almussafes (province of Valencia). ALC

Carrer del Castell, 1. Almussafes


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This is an impressive tower (it is not clear whether it was built on the 9th or the 11th century). It is almost 25 metres tall and it is situated in the old city centre. The tower was originally meant to be part of Almazaf alquería complex, from which the name of the town, Almussafes, has been taken.

In addition to the sister towers of Silla or Benifaió, this tower was one of the elements that made up the defensive and customs barriers of the city of Valencia. The different towers were connected visually in order to allow sign communications.

This was a five-story tower open on the top, making it a crenel fortification. Entrance to the tower was originally situated at a height of 4 metres above the ground level. In addition it was equipped with arrowslit, which made it a clearly defensive tower.

Although there is no literary or historical connection between the tower and El Cid, this tower may be a good excuse to remember one of the episodes that took place during the conquest of Valencia. On January 1094, while El Cid was ravaging the city, an Almoravid army camped at this site, in Almussafes. They planned to use their strength to battle El Cid away from his siege area. However, signs of a huge storm, heavy rains and floods made the Muslims vulnerable and they eventually retreated. As the saying goes, luck is on the side of the brave.

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  • Islamic tower of Racef, in Almussafes (province of Valencia). ALC
  • Channelisation to avoid floods as the mentioned in the Song of el Cid, in Almussafes, province of Valencia / ALC.