River Martín, Martín del Río

The river Martín as it passes through the municipality of Martín del Río, in the province of Teruel / José Ignacio Gómez Marco.

The river runs parallel to road N-211, which is situated on the right bank and leads to Montalbán. Martín del Río


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According to El Cantar, El Cid launched a series of attacks immediately after setting up his camp in Poyo del Cid. The lines of the poem relate that the river Martín, that is, all the villages located along the riverbank, “paid tributes to him”.

The river Martín, whose course is around 100kms, is a tributary that flows into the river Ebro at Escatrón. It is highly likely that the poet was referring to the stretch in between Montalbán and Albalate del Arzobispo (note that the villages of Peñarroyas, Obón and Alcaine are located in between these two points). The Way of El Cid marks its starting point, which is located at a point situated  around 2kms higher, in the municipality of Martín del Río, on the west of Sierra de San Just (GD 40.834163, -0.915961).

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