Rock-shelter of Toros del Prado del Navazo


Drive along VF-TE-05; 5kms away from Albarracín, there is a parking lot, from which you can take a walking path to several of the rock-shelters. Albarracín


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The mountains in the region of Albarracín are home to a rich collection of rock art belonging to the Rock Art of the Iberian Mediterranean Basin. These rock art sites, which were declared a World Heritage Site in 1998, span along the Mediterranean façade, from the Pyrenees to eastern Andalucía. Levantine prehistoric rock art was created between 10000 BC and the Copper Age; i.e. around the year 4500 BC. As for schematic rock art, it was created between the years 5000 BC and 3000 BC (these art sites belong to the Metal Age).

In the mountains in the region of Albarracín, it is possible to find many shelters with many interesting paintings. There are themes taken from classic Levantine cycle (archers, hunting and gathering scenes, naturalistic depictions of animals with colour-wash, etc.) as well as motifs of Iberian schematic art (anthromorphs, zoomorphs and signs, etc.).

The rock-shelter of Toros del Prado del Navazo, which is easily accessible, is one of the most important sites at the Albarracín Cultural Park. A total of 19 figures are painted on a 4-metre long frieze. These figures are mostly bulls and horses, though some other less recognizable animals are also represented. The frieze also presents five small-size archers, who are grouped together in the centre of the panel, within a small natural hollow. All the figures are painted in white, except for a bull and an archer, which are painted in black. It is believed that these two figures were repainted.


  • Albarracín offers visitors many walking opportunities. There are several marked walking paths, which take tourists close to the shelters containing cave paintings. Given the artistic value of these sites, visitors are kindly reminded of the importance of protecting and preserving the natural areas surrounding these sites.
  • Visitors may also sign up for a tour with a guide. More information can be found at this site: El Andador.
  • Additional information about general walking paths and other details is available at the tourist information office of Albarracín. 

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