San Francisco Convent


Calle Hospital, s/n. Morella


964 173 032 - Tourist Info

The layout of the convent is characteristic of all Franciscan monasteries. The three most important rooms within the convent are the cloister, the church and the chapter house. The square-based cloister is made up of clover-shaped arcades on all four of its sides. The church has only one nave and side chapels. The church used to be covered by a wooden roof supported by arches. The polygonal apse is covered by a ribbed vault. The square-based chapter house, retains one of the few examples of Gothic mural painting still in existence in the Community of Valencia. It is from the first quarter of the 15th century and is a representation of the Dance of Death.

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Visit: Private property (is under construction to become a National Parador).

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