San Martín’s church and tower in Teruel

Mudejar Tower of Saint Martin in the town of Teruel, declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO / ALC.

Calle San Martín, 1. Teruel


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This beautiful Mudéjar style tower dates from the early 14th century. The tower takes its name from the church pavilion of St. Martin, which was built in the 18th century on the remains of an older church. Because of its peculiar Mudéjar style, the tower was declared, together with the tower of San Salvador, the church of San Pedro and the Cathedral of Teruel, World Heritage by the UNESCO in 1986.

The tower is located close to Cuesta de la Andaquilla, associated with the legend of Los Amantes de Teruel. It is equipped with a canyon and it has an Almohad minaret structure, a square base. Also a street crosses through it. In addition, it has a concentric inner tower with a staircase and passageways that lead to the bell towers, covered with a barrel vault.

The exterior, finished in alternating brick and ceramic patterns, is breathtaking. It has the form of a checkboard with little green and white tiles, angled brick layers, eight-pointed stars, interlaced brick friezes and semicircular arches with archivolts. The most repeated decorative motif is a white eight-pointed star bordered in green, following the traditional Almohad fashion in Seville.

Visits: Entry tickets. Information about opening hours and ticket prices is available at the Tourist Information Centre of Teruel.

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