Santa María La Mayor Collegiate Church, Daroca


Plaza de los Corporales, 1. Daroca


976 800 761 Santa María La Mayor Collegiate Church

Built on the Romanesque temple of which only the main apse remains. It is Renaissance with Gothic influence.

The Romanesque church was too small for the congregation of the Corporales and they decided to make it bigger, conserving only the apse and converting it into the chapel of the 'Corporales'. It was extended from the foundations upwards and, in this way, the Forgiveness entrance with its beautiful arch was built. It is Renaissance and its relief tells the story of the 'Corporales'. The chapel of the Corporales has a Gothic entrance with three pointed arches. The small chest where the 'Corporales' are kept is Gothic and made of silver. Out of the altarpieces there are two Plateresque: the chapels of Santo Tomás and San Miguel.

Source: Spain Info

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