Setting up camp on El Poyo del Cid


Located at the top of San Esteban hill, after a steep climb along a trail aprox. 2.5 km long that surrounds the hill. El Poyo del Cid


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According to El Cantar, El Cid moved from Alcocer to the village of El Poyo, where he took an old fort situated on a hill and encamped there for three months. From this place he levied tribute on an area of 60 square kilometres, which included, first, Daroca, then, Molina de Aragón and, eventually, Teruel and Cella.

The camp seems to have been set up on Cerro de San Esteban. The village of El Poyo sits on the hillside. This episode is literary-inspired, though there are scholars that argue that it is supported by historical evidence: there are inscriptions belonging to Celtiberian and Roman settlements (the terraced structure of the hillside is still visible) as well as a medieval tower surrounded by solid stone masonry walls.

Although the remains are hardly noticeable, the steep climb is well worth the effort. The hilltop overlooks the Jiloca valley and fields of crops, offering spectacular views. One of the reasons to climb atop the hill is that it gives you a good idea of the reason why the fort was built on the summit of the hill: the fort is high enough to overlook the area, allowing anyone occupying the fortress to control passage of enemies coming from the Levante region.

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