SO 4228 y SO 4126 between Navapalos and Gormaz

Duero river, in Navapalos, province of Soria / ALC:

It is very exciting to cross the River Douro and come across this small village Navapalos, so closely linked to the Poem of El Cid, overlooked by a solitary Islamic watchtower. As we go out of the village, we start on a short but entertaining pass, where we can see in amazement and a little bewilderment the large plantation of apple trees that stretches across the Douro valley, a protected natural area.

After a gentle descent along a very interesting road with some unusual rock formations, we can glimpse between the poplars, ash-trees and willows in the valley, the large Caliphal fortress of Gormaz, one of the landmarks on the Way of El Cid, and the Romanesque hermitage of St Michael. The views from the castle are highly recommended.

The road has very little traffic. Cycling tourists will sweat a little but they will enjoy the ride immensely.

Distance: 15km.

Rev.: JGG 14.10.21