Statue of El Cid de Mecerreyes


The statue is situated along road BU-901 (heading towards Covarrubias) and it is 700 metres away from the town. Mecerreyes


947 403 001 - City Council

In 2008, the town of Mecerreyes erected a statue in honour of El Cid. The statue, which was created by the sculptor Ángel Gil Cuevas, is situated at the town’s exit. It is the largest existing sculpture to honour El Cid. As a matter of fact, it is 7 metres high (it stands on a 1 metre base, it measures 4,50 and it contains a spear that is 1.50 metres long). The statue is placed along road BU-901, in the stretch between Mecerreyes and Covarrubias. That is to say, it is situated in the old Royal Road to Valencia, which is also known as The King’s Highway and which scholars such as Villuga have traced back to the 16th century.

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