TE-05 y TE-19 between Albarracín and Gea de Albarracín

Carretera de Beza. Paraje rumbo a Gea de Albarracín / ALC.

The two roads that connect Albarracín with Gea de Albarracín go through some of the most attractive and interesting scenery in the Way of El Cid: the protected area of the Rodeno Pine-forests. In this large forest of resinous pine trees, over terrain of reddish sandstone in capricious shapes sculpted by wind and water, the rock-shelters were occupied in prehistory, as demonstrated by the numerous rock art sites in the area, listed as World Heritage.

The road is very attractive and generally quiet, only visited by lovers of bouldering (climbing on stone boulders) and aficionados of rock art. It is therefore necessary to be careful in holiday periods, when the traffic may be more intense.

Distance: 20km

Rev.: JGG 14.12.21