The Bride’s Jump in Navajas


C/ Bajada de las Fuentes, s/n. Navajas


964 713 913 - Tourist Office

A large 30-metre high waterfall in the middle of nature that attracts hundreds of people every year to bathe and enjoy the impressive view. Its name is based on a legend according to which lovers had to jump from one bank to the other to ensure a happy marriage. One of the brides failed and, together with her husband who jumped in to rescue her, became trapped in a whirlpool in the river and they both died.

Access: along Bajada de las Fuentes Street or by following the footpath on the Route of the Springs. To bathe and visit the Bride’s Jump, you will need to obtain a ticket. For further information, inquire at Navajas Tourism Office.

Rev.: PAB 03.05.23