The house of El Cid, in Castejón

A building traditionally called 'House of el Cid" in Castejón de Henares, Guadalajara / ALC.

The house is located at the entrance of the town. It is the first house on the right. Castejón de Henares


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At the town’s entrance there is an old sun-dried brick and masonry building, popularly known as The House of El Cid. Two legends have sprung around this building. One of the legends has it that this was the house of one of El Cid’s lovers and that Rodrigo himself spent the night here when staying at El Poyo de El Cid. The other legend has it that El Cid hid in the house’s foundations a treasure and that it is possible to access the treasure through one of the caves in the hill.

Rev. PAB 28.12.18