The Monastery Of San Vicente De La Roqueta, Valencia


Calle San Vicente Mártir, 126. Valencia


963 411 544 The Monastery Of San Vicente De La Roqueta

Centuries ago, the church and convent of la Roqueta housed the relics of San Vicente Martir. The convent also included a hospital in those days, but has since undergone considerable restructuring. At the present time, the church is rectangular in shape and still keeps its Romanesque doorways, outstanding amongst which is the one that gives access to the convent with its inter-connecting arches, the apexes of which are adorned with images depicting the martyrdom of San Vicente. There are several chapels inside decorated with pictures of saintly figures in humble postures, and a vaulted area covered by a huge dome visible from outside. The monastery has a cloister of three storeys.

Source: Turismo Comunidad Valenciana        

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