The Regional Government Palace, Valencia


Carrer dels Cavallers, 2. Valencia


963 866 000 - Palau de la Generalitat

This late Gothic building is three storeys high, with rectangular windows on the ground floor and columned triple windows on the first floor. The Renaissance style main tower, which was added to the central body of the building at a later stage, reveals the attention to decorative detail that was taken at that time. The patio in its interior contains a Gothic staircase and a splendidly carved ceiling adorned with flower motifs. One of the most noteworthy rooms is the "Sala nova" in the main tower, decorated with mythological figures and with frescos by Joan Sarinyena and Vicent Requena which symbolize the different bodies of the Parliament. This palace is the seat of the Valencia Regional Government.

Source: Turismo Comunidad Valenciana        

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