The tower and church of San Pedro, Teruel

Mudejar Tower of Saint Peter in the town of Teruel, declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO / ALC.

Calle de Hartzenbusch, 1. Teruel


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The church of San Pedro is a Gothic-Mudéjar Catholic church built in the 14th century. Its bell tower, one of the oldest in the province of Aragón, dates back to the 13th century. The church’s artistic value is similar in terms of artistic value to the Cathedral of Teruel. The church is located close to the Jewish quarter. Its thick walls, built in the manner of a church-fortress construction, are in sharp contrast with the rich Mudéjar-style ornaments of the tower. As for its architectural characteristics, it follows styles that were popular in medieval architecture: rectangular design, a unique nave, a row of chapels to the sides of the nave and a Gothic-like light configuration consisting of large windows and small ocular windows.

The tower, which is considered to be the cathedral’s little sister, also follows Mudéjar architecture style: it has a square, a semicircular arch, arched openings and ceramic tiles in green and purple. The buttresses are decorated with Gothic pinnacles and ceramic eight-pointed stars.

Even though the interior of the tower is fashioned according to Mudéjar architecture style, it should be noted that it was decorated in the 19th century, following the neo-Mudéjar modernist style. The project was conducted by Pablo Monguió and Salvador Gisbert, who also built a new cloister.

San Pedro church is located in close proximity to the Mausoleum of the Amantes de Teruel.

Visits: Entry tickets. Information about opening hours and ticket prices is available at Fundación Amantes de Teruel.

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  • San Pedro Tower, Teruel / ALC
  • Fatima´s hand, chapitel of San Pedro tower / ALC
  • Church of San Pedro, Teruel. Amantes de Teruel Foundation
  • Lover´s Statue, Church of San Pedro. Teruel / ALC
  • Lovers Statue, detail. St. Peter's Church. Teruel / ALC
  • Mudejar Tower of Saint Peter in the town of Teruel, declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO / ALC.