The watchtower of Navapalos

Duero river, in Navapalos, province of Soria / ALC:

El Cantar relates that El Cid crossed over the river Duero at Navapalos on the eighth day of exile and made camp for the night. At Navapalos new men came in. After nightfall, El Cid lay down there, and slept so deeply that a sweet dream came over him. The angel Gabriel came to him in a vision and said: “Ride, O Cid, my good Campeador”.

Rivers change course as they flow through the years, so that it is not clear the exact point at which El Cid waded the river. As regards the route of El Cid, it takes hikers and cyclists through the only crossing point available nowadays: the bridge that connects with the town Navapalos.

Rev. PAB 27.12.18